Our History.

Our History

Temple Beth Tikvah (TBT) grew out of an ad hoc committee formed some three decades ago to arrange for High Holy Day services to serve residents of what were then new condominiums in the area west of Lake Worth. Due to the committee’s success, within two years, regular Shabbat services were held in nearby church buildings, and as participation grew, so did plans for a Conservative synagogue.

Under the leadership of now Rabbi Emeritus Richard K. Rocklin, a beautiful new structure, initially called Lake Worth Jewish Center, opened its doors in 1989.  In time, the name was changed to Temple Beth Tikvah (House of Hope).  The original striking building included the beautiful theater-style sanctuary, which has ten unique glass windows that depict the Ten Commandments, a social hall with kitchen facilities, a chapel, offices, a gift shop and two classrooms.

Although originally a senior synagogue, the membership recognized each generation’s responsibility for educating future generations in the Jewish faith. As enrollment grew in our Hebrew School, TBT renovated and enlarged the building to accommodate new classrooms, a youth lounge, library, and a larger social hall.  The new structure opened in 2005.

The Temple has been blessed with effective professional and lay leaders. Rabbi Rocklin was succeeded by Rabbi Howard M. Shub, who earlier had been the Assistant Rabbi.  Cantor Emeritus Abraham Mehler, now deceased, was followed in turn by Cantor Gary Zener and Cantor Emeritus Irving Grossman.