Coronavirus Update

Dear Congregants,

With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading wider and wider, and our movements and activities curtailed, our faith becomes even more important in our lives. Judaism is a communal religion; we pray together, we share holidays together, and join together for joyous and sad occasions as we gather strength from each other in our faith.

Temple Beth Tikvah is our Jewish home, the place where we join together as a Jewish community, a kehillah to share with others the joy of Judaism. But under the present circumstances, when we can’t do this in a physical place, we can continue our Jewish lives virtually and still be our Temple Beth Tikvah family.

We will continue to have our daily minyans, both morning and afternoon, Friday evening and Shabbat message from Rabbi Shub, but you will be in your homes as you participate and pray.

Shortly, we will have our classes on line with the ability to participate in them as if you were there in person. Rabbi Shub and Cantor Grossman will post messages of hope and joy on YouTube. Facebook will have constant postings. We will have meetings on Zoom with you. Our website will be updated with information. Mailings are going out to you almost daily keeping you informed. Rabbi Shub is planning to hold an abbreviated Seder on Passover for your family. We’ll have Havdalah on Saturday nights. Every member has been called by Rabbi Shub and Cantor Grossman and you will keep getting these calls so we can reach out to you and find out if we can help you in any way.




So, as we weather the storm of this horrible pandemic in our lives, let us keep our faith strong, our spirits high and our outlook to a better future. We will survive this, and we will be stronger, as a Temple, as our families relearn sharing time and space, and as a nation. We all need faith in our lives to make us stronger. And we need each of you to reach out to one another as we go through these difficult times.

Listed below are all the ways to connect to us. Please participate in as many as possible.

participate in our minyans please click on the proper link for morning or evening services. These links are valid for every day in the weeks to come.

Morning Minyan

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM

Click on link below to join Morning Mincha Minyan

Click link below for Siddur for mincha service for weekdays

Evening Minyan

Sunday to Thursday 5:00 PM

Please click link below to join Evening Maariv Minyan

Click link below for Siddur for Maariv service for weekdays