Committees in Need of Members!

Here’s a short list of committees in need of members.  Pick the committees that interest you, then contact the Temple office in person, at 561-967-3600, or by email at and let us know your choices.  Don’t be surprised if a board member taps you on the shoulder and asks you to consider committee membership -we know talent when we see it!

Committees can only grow to a certain size before they lose their effectiveness, so the sooner you contact us, the better your chances of belonging to the committees of your choice. Now, for the list:

Fundraising – devises and recommends to the board of directors’ fund raising activities to be conducted by the congregation. Once approved, the committee implements those activities.
Membership – creates membership recruitment and retention program recommendations to the board of directors and executes those programs upon approval. This committee also monitors why members join and why members might leave, to provide information for continuous improvement of our programs and other offerings.
Hospitality and Cheer – develops programs and activities to foster the continued well-being and welfare of Temple members. Our haimish ponum!
Adult Education – creates recommendations for educational programs for our members and for the community for board approval, and implements those programs upon approval.
Community Relations/Social Action/Israeli Affairs-seeks appropriate opportunities to join community organizations and represent the congregation at events related to the title of the committee. The events and organizations are subject to approval by the temple board. Publicizes events that meet the objectives of the committee and promotes congregational attendance at those events.
Religious School Committee -facilitates the functioning of the Religious School through regular meetings with the school director. Helps set the school calendar and hours, and provides input into the school curriculum. The committee assists the school director with affairs presented to the committee by the director, and reports school affairs to the temple board.

Other committees are wellstaffed right now, but openings develop from time to time. We will advertise those openings as they become available. I welcome ideas for new standing committees and ad-hoc committees that would contribute to the strength and growth of the temple.


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